Mrs. Stanislava Bruhovà

botao-testimoniosCountry of origin: Czech Republic

Dear Paola, Thank you very much for the beautiful trip in your amazing country! We shall have great souvenirs for our whole life!!! ...and also to sort out all the beautiful photos! ... It will take some time, but when I shall have a "representative collection" of photos, I shall send it to you. Yours sincerely, Stanislava and Jiri


botao-testimoniosTravel on September 2013

Hey Paola and how lovely to hear from you after so long.

I wrote a huge & very complimentary! review on Trip Adviser and hope that you a lot of business from them.

So pleased that you are taking my thoughts on board as they were sent to you only because everything you did was fabulous but there were just a few things that would have made it even better.  None of the things were anything to do with your organisation which was flawless, it was just that some of the trips I felt were a bit of a waste of time.

I have photos of Peru but not a single one of me - they are only of llamas and buildings!

Would you still like me to write a review or do you want to take anything I said in my last email to you.

All love to dear Juan Carlos - my most favourite Peruvian man! & all thanks to you again

Anything else you would like me to do please let me know.


Mrs. Valery Isherwood

botao-testimoniosCountry of origin: Canada

Hi Yoanis!! ... We finally arrived home good and safe. After having visited your amazing country. We have just loved it! Thanks so much for planning the trip for us everything was beautiful and we hope to come back soon  . Best Wishes ...Valery